Second Life in Education and Language Learning

Hi folks, it is unlikely anyone will want to use this space any longer so I have locked it down (June 2007). If you want to write here you'll have to ask Vance or Webhead Link.

One reason I want to close it off is I want to use this space to store some files (give them urls) and I don't want anyone messing with my stuff here and maybe mussing up my links elsewhere. Meanwhile here's a nice short listen:

and some context: http://advanceducation.blogspot.com/2007/06/multiliterate-autonomous-learner-and.html

Hi, Vance again. Happy New Year. The article has by now been published as:

Stevens, Vance. (2006). Second Life in Education and Language Learning. TESL-EJ, Volume 10, Number 3: http://www.tesl-ej.org/ej39/int.html . In the published article I invited readers to leave comments. If you are visiting as a result of that invitation, please put your reply between the lines (right under here) so we'll know if someone has visited.

VISITOR'S greeting:
January 4, 07:
Hi, Sus Nyrop, another Webhead was here. Your article is great reading! I apologize for being late. December was a very busy month for me. I've written a quick page here about some SL reflections from my own frist hand view.
More soon,
SusNy Foss

Back to Vance:
Thanks for your comments Sus. It's always nice to hear your 'voice'. - Vance, Jan 7 '07

Meanwhile, I've created another version of my article aimed less at language learning and more directed at a target audience of Maths, Sciences, and Engineering teachers; here:

I wrote Wayne McPhail, who does the podcasts "Who's on Second" and asked if I could use my audacity clip of his intro to his first episode in my websites, and he agreed. I needed a place to park the audio so I uploaded the file here embedded it;

Also, I linked to the file above from my notes page:

Now I'm going through and removing from this space whatever is already at the links above.

Thanks everyone who has helped by contributing.
- Vance

Vance reports: I'm a bit miffed at this wiki. I was chatting with Bee and taking down some really cool links and pasting them in the wiki. I thought I was saving as I went. Finally as our chat wound down I did a final save and turned to other windows. Eventually I found my way back to this window. I discovered the wiki had not saved but was waiting for me to type in a word from one of those anti-spam diagrams. I typed in the word, hit enter, but too late. The program had already pegged me as a spammer due to lag time I guess. An hour and a half\s work disappeared and had to be recovered from my YM instand message chat. I'm suddenly disillusioned with my wiki :-((

I notice that Venny and Bee both came in of their own accord and pasted in the missing links. What a community!!