I'm SusNy Foss in SL and please let's make friends. SL is indeed a social environment and the more friends you have on your list, the better change is there for meeting someone when being in world, as we say external image smiley.gif I've had the great luck to immigrate together with a bunch of virtual colleagues from all over the world, most of these are language teachers with a knack of online experimentation and collaboration. As such, I was just following the tempting trend of moving over to SL during our frequent synchronous meetings, sometimes also having parallel backstage Skype as an option, because as it is, for now SL has text chat as default communication tool only.

Well - someone skeptical once asked if it was possible to learn anything by going into avirtual setting like this? I'll have to consider myself as the first hand learner. Hm - as there is indeed some sort of a steep learning curve, I'm learning all the time. I suppose that people who already posess some gaming experience with the keyboard navigation and terms, may have a smoother start. This already indicates that I am now enabled to share a corner of the amazing unknown warfare learning universe otherwise definitely not tempting me (such as my own adult son, age 33 who is an avid Warhammer gamer (I think it is). He in turn, encouraged his sweet cyber girlfriend to meet me in SL; she is a wonderful young lady studying Graphic Design and already keen on designing SIM CITY family gadgets and dress making, so i'm expecting much from our future collaboration in SL external image smiley.gif

Although I'm by now almost a SL veteran as I started my transformation into an avatar more than two months ago external image smiley.gif - I feel I'm sometimes having a hard time figuring out how to specialise myself into something useful that others would like to learn.

I'm not a blind hyper enthusiast of SL, but the potential is indeed promising, and perhaps moving into more :worlds", such as the intitative called Metaverse, of which i don't know much. For the 3D interface, apparently this dimension helps me work on my very poor orientation skills, and creative 3d geometry in practice. My eyesight is not excellent, as I can only see with one eye at a time to avoid double vision. I have become aware of several real life skills that are due to my poor vision, but which I often ignore or just consider as the "weird sides of ME", for example I could never drive a car. This means to me, that SL 3d could provide compensatory training, for example a friend whose legs are lame might feel pleasure by virtual walking and dancing? I do enjoy my ability of flying, which is a fulfillment of an old day dream and frequent sleepability that I posess - and I also remark that you would meet very few heavy vehicles beyond roller skates and snow boards, making it a clean and safe place to live...

Sloodle is a cool idea, for example it is (in principle, still under development as test run scripts I think) possible to integrate a chat from inside SL AND Moodle, or post to Moodle blog from SL and so on. The Sloodle primus motors are currently less active I think, because there are also some newborns in RL to care for. This is how RL should of course have a first priority!! OK - I don't have babies, my three sweet grandchildren (age 5,5 and 7) are only with me somehow about every second weekend, my husband is cooking, sweeping, shopping and cleaning quite as often as I am, and I work as a free lance, from home at the PC always online, with a strong desire to explore new online learning and communication trends. Actually I've been away from SL for about two weeks because of holidays and a coughing cold, and a deadline etc. Which proves that I'm not dependant external image smiley.gif